Our amazing volunteers

The NYSSEF Board Members and Trustees are a group of very dedicated professionals, who volunteer their time to advance student research. We encourage you to take a moment to thank them when the opportunity arises and join us in ensuring student success through volunteering.

Serena McCalla, Ph.D.

NYSSEF President

NYSSEF Fair Director

NYSSEF ISEF Fair Coordinator

Michelle Seeley-Flannory

NYSSEF ISEF Judges Coordinator

Alison Huenger

NYSSEF ISEF Special Awards Coordinator

Raymond Tesar

NYSSEF Andromeda and Broadcom Fair Coordinator

Alexis Pace

NYSSEF SRC Chairperson

Robert Hildebrand

NYSSEF Treasurer

Tara Chudoba

NYSSEF Trustee

Samantha Sforza

NYSSEF Secretary

David Spinnato

NYSSEF Trustee

Andrea Beatty

NYSSEF Trustee