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ISEF Finalists from March 27, 2023 Competition

Microbiology --> 1.      Julia Cherchever; Garden City HS

Biochemistry --> 2.      Xinyi Zhang, Great Neck South HS

Behavioral and Social Sciences --> 3.      Emma Maliar; Great Neck South

Biomedical and Health Sciences --> 4.      Caterina Stoica; The Masters School

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics --> 5. Amit Saha; Great Neck South HS; 6. Alexandre Tourneux; Hewlett HS

Earth and Environmental Sciences --> 7. Audrey Schnecker; Ossining HS; 8. Maggie Wang; Plainview Old Bethpage HS

Biomedical Engineering --> 9.      Alex Wang; Syosset HS

Environmental Engineering --> 10.  Emily Kim; Jericho HS

Mathematics --> 11.  Jason Wu; Half Hollow Hills East

Physics and Astronomy --> 12.  Ellis Eisenberg; Half Hollow Hills West; 13.  Sarah Gardner; Ossining HS

Robotics and Intelligent Machines --> 14.  Aniketh Arvind; Hackley HS

Systems Software --> 15. Eric Song; Yorktown HS

2022 ISEF Finalists - Atlanta, GA

Biomedical  and Health Sciences; Noah Nager - Hackley School

Behavioral  and Social Sciences; Natasha Kulviwat - Jericho High School

Plant  Sciences; Ariella Blackman - Harrison High School

Robotics  and Intelligent Machines; Chigozirim Ifebi - Elmont High School

Systems  Software; Ritika Brahmadesam - Ossining High School

Translational  Medical Science; Janice Rateshwar - Jericho High School

Behavioral  and Social Sciences; Dara Neumann - Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School

Earth  and Environmental Sciences; Anika Puri - Horace Greeley High School

Earth  and Environmental Sciences; Kayla Sohn - Herricks High School

Energy:  Sustainable Materials and Design; Ericka Lai, Christian Kim - Manhasset High School

Cellular  and Molecular Biology; Jessie Dong - Roslyn High school

Computational  Biology and Bioinformatics; Ashley Hsu - Commack High School

Animal  Sciences; Tyler Nagosky - Smithtown West high School

 Physics  and Astronomy; Joseph Nadol - Hackley School

 Biochemistry; Chloe Chang - Herricks High School


Best in Fair

        Noah Nager – Hackley HS – Biomedical and Health Sciences


1st Place

Animal Science

-         Tyler Nagosky – Smithtown West HS


-        Natasha Kulviwat – Jericho HS

-        Dara Neumann – Plainview HS


-        Chloe Chang – Herricks HS

Cell and Molecular Biology

-        Jessie Dong – Roslyn HS

Computational Biology

-        Ashley Hsu – Commack HS

Earth and Environmental Science

-        Anika Puri – Horace Greeley HS

-        Kayla Sohn – Herricks HS

Energy: Sustainability and Design

-        Ericka Lai & Christian Kim – Manhasset HS


-        Joey Nadol – Hackley HS


-        Ariella Blackman – Harrison HS


-        Chigozirim Ifebi – Elmont HS

System Software

-        Ritika Brahmadesam – Ossining HS

Translational Medicine

-        Janice Rateshwar – Jericho HS


1st Place, non- ISEF winners (Regional Fair ISEF winners)


-         Orlando Osgood – Ossining HS

Biomedical Engineering

-         Natalia Pahlavan – Jericho HS

Biomedical and Health Sciences

-         Emily Dodd – Somers HS

Earth and Environmental Science

-         Tarunika Sasikumar – Plainview HS


2nd Place

Animal Science

-         Charlotte Klurfeld – Ossining HS


-         Gabrielle Oliva – Plainview HS

-         Madison Elias – Seaford HS

Biomedical and Health Sciences

-         Michael Zhong – Ardsley HS

Cell and Molecular Biology

-         Leo Zhang – Jericho HS

-         Michael Potanin – Hackley HS

Computational Biology

-         Daniel Zhang – Hackley HS

-         Rohan Ghotra – Syosset HS


-         Daniel Salkinder – Half Hollow Hills East HS


-         Jennifer Zhu – Plainview HS

System Software

-         Brian Song – Roslyn HS

Translational Medicine

-         Ethan Chiu – Syosset HS


3rd Place

Animal Science

-         Rehan Mian – Smithtown West HS


-         Charlotte Potter – Somers HS

-         Dionne Chen – Hackley HS

Biomedical and Health Sciences

-         Esther Min – Herricks HS

-         Mehek Sawhney & Ishana Chadha – Commack HS

Biomedical Engineering

-         Matthew Pierre-Louis – Schreiber HS

Computational Biology

-         Krishna Kumanan – Yorktown HS

Earth and Environmental Sciences

-         Jansen Wong – Great Neck South HS

-         Rebecca Cho – Jericho HS

-         Tiffany Gao – Syosset HS

Environmental Engineering

-         Emily Kim – Emily Kim

-         Suchitha Channapatna & Ruchitha Channapatna - Bethpage HS

Engineering Technology: Statics and Dynamics

-         Noah Kay & Noah Berlin – Half Hollow HillsEast HS

Energy: Sustainable Materials and Design

-         Emily Theodosopoulos & Adam De Leeuw –Manhasset HS


-         Maggie Graseck - Rye HS


-         Samay Lakhani – Jericho HS


 Honorable Mention

Animal Science

-         Yuni Kim – Syosset HS

-         Zaynab Faisal – Harrison HS


-         Abigail Lev – Behavioral HS

-         Alexandra Vesselinov – Schreiber HS

-         Alexandra Whitmore – Plainview HS

-         Elle Kaplan – Roslyn HS

-         Eli Weseley-Jones – North Shore HS

-         Julie Rios – Somers HS

-         Naomi Banner – Yorktown HS

-         Sasha Bandler, Ryan Gawley – Schreiber HS

Biomedical and Health Sciences

-         Maxx Yung – Roslyn HS

-         Shivani Patel – Manhasset HS

-         Stanley Kong – Manhasset HS

Cellular and Molecular Biology

-         Alicia Chang – Ardsley HS

-         Colin McCann – Yorktown HS

Computational Biology

-         Caroline Yoon – Manhasset HS

-         Mary Ford – Ossining HS

Earth and Environmental Science

-         Roberto Lopez – Brentwood HS

Engineering Technology: Static and Dynamics

-         Pratap Krish – Yorktown H


-         Neal Carpino – Ward Melville HS


-         Annette Park – Northshore HS

Plant Science

-         Annabel Shen – Cold Spring Harbor HS

-         Jack Schultz – Westhampton Beach HS

Translational Medicine  

-         Hiral Chavre – Hewlett HS

NYSSEF 2022 - March 28, 2022 - NYCSI (8 AM - 4 PM)

Round 2 participants

Ardsley HS
1.     Michael Zhong– BMED161
2.     Alicia Chang– CELL-208
Brentwood HS
1.     Roberto Lopez– EAEV255
Cold Spring Harbor HS
1.    Annabel Shen – PLNT-006
Bethpage HS
1.    Aurrel Bhatia – CBIO-136
2.    Ruchitha Channapatna - ENEV-184/ Suchitha Channapatna - ENEV-184
Commack HS
1.     Ishana Chadha - BMED-047/Mehek Sawhney - BMED-047
2.     Ashley Hsu - CBIO-063
Elmont HS
1.   Chigozirim Ifebi - ROBO-036
Great Neck South HS
1.    Collin Li - ENBM-075
2.    Jansen Wong - EAEV-074
Half Hollow Hills East
1.    Noah Berlin and Noah Kay- ETSD-094
2.    Daniel Salkinder - MATH-048
Hackley School
1.    Dionne Chen - BEHA-166
2.    Joey Nadol - PHYS-113
3.    Noah Nager - BMED-143
4.    Michael Potanin - CELL-144
5.    Daniel Zhang - CBIO-168
Harrison HS
1.    Ariella Blackman - PLNT-029
2.    Mai Blaustein - CHEM-117
3.    Zaynab Faisal - ANIM-084
Herricks HS
1.    Chloe Chang - BCHM-175
2.    Esther Min - BMED-154
3.    Kayla Sohn - EAEV-118
George W. Hewlett HS
1.    Hiral Chavre - TMED-026
Horace Greeley HS
1.    Anika Puri - EAEV-245
Jericho HS
1.    Natasha Kulviwat - BEHA-019
2.    Leo Zhang - CELL-012
3.    Rebecca Cho - EAEV-005
4.    Natalia Pahlavan - ENBM-011
5.    Emily Kim - ENEV-010
6.    Samay Lakhani - ROBO-015
7.    Janice Rateshwar - TMED-272
Manhasset HS
1.    Adam De Leeuw/Emily Theodosopoulos - EGSD-092
2.    Christian Kim - EGSD-100
3.    Stanley Kong - BMED-112
4.    Ericka Lai - EGSD-100
5.    Shivani Patel - BMED-114
6.    Caroline Yoon - CBIO-116
North Shore HS
1.      Annette Park - MCRO-229
2.      Eli Weseley-Jones - BEHA-256
Ossining HS
1.      Ritika Brahmadesam - SOFT-124
2.      Mary Ford - CBIO-123
3.      Charlotte Klurfeld - ANIM-231
4.      Orlando Osgood - BEHA-263
Plainview HS
1.      Abigail Lev - BEHA-050
2.      Gabrielle Oliva - BEHA-051
3.      Tarunika Sasikumar - EAEV-042
4.      Alexandra Whitmore - BEHA-049
5.      Jennifer Zhu - PHYS-043
6.      Dara Neumann- BEHA-045
Roslyn HS
1.      Elle Kaplan - BEHA-096
2.      Brian Song - SOFT-097
3.      Maxx Yung - BMED-022
Rye HS
1.      Maggie Graseck - MCRO-201
Sachem HS
1.      Antonia Pavek - CELL-060
Schreiber HS
1.      Sasha Bandler/Ryan Gawley – BEHA-098
2.      Matthew Pierre-Louis – ENBM-083
3.      Alexandra Vesselinov - BEHA-222
Smithtown HS West
1.      Tyler Nagosky - ANIM-191
2.      Rehan Mian - ANIM-189
Seaford HS
1.      Madison Elias - BEHA-211
Somers HS
1.      Emily Dodd - BMED-169
2.      Charlotte Potter - BEHA-147
3.      Julie Rios - BEHA-133
St. Anthony's HS
1.      Miah Margiano - CELL-223
Syosset HS
1.      Ethan Chiu - TMED-119
2.      Tiffany Gao - EAEV-205
3.      Rohan Ghotra - CBIO-206
4.      Yuni Kim - ANIM-197
Ward Melville HS
1.      Neal Carpino - MATH-017
Westhampton Beach HS
1.      Jack Schultz - PLNT-243
Yorktown HS
1.      Naomi Banner - BEHA-215
2.      Pratap Krish - ETSD-244
3.      Krishna Kumanan - CBIO-219

NYSSEF ISEF 2020 Award Winners

BEST IN FAIR  (HIGHEST HONORS) and Regeneron ISEF Finalists

Owen Dugan – Home School
Emma Yang – The Brearley School
Breanna Brownson – Rye High School
Mir Zayid Alam & Taylor Fox – Manhasset High School

HIGH HONORS and Regeneron ISEF Finalists

Manav Bansal – The Wheatley School
Elizabeth Chun – The Ardsley School
Blake Lippman – Hewlett HS & Tyler Bissoondial – John F. Kennedy High School
Riya Patel- Jericho High School
Marvia Pressoir – Elmont Memorial High School
Giselle Rasquinha – Syosset High School
Spencer Schultz -Yorktown High School
Ethan Sontarp – Commack High School
Mary Sotiryadis – North Shore High School
Kreena Totala – Plainview Old Bethpage High School
Jordan Walsh – Commack High School

HIGH HONORS (non- lightning)

Vyom Shah – Jericho High School


Laya Gollamudi – Rye High School
Evan Lockwood & Matthew Daleo – Westhampton Beach High School
Rohan Surana – Commack High School
Richard Ren – Jericho High School
Foyez Alauddin – Trinity School
Nellie Fisher & Bailey Fisher – Harrison High School
Maansi Shroff – Paul D. Schreiber High School
Najalia Singh – Valley Stream Central High School
Kate Weseley-Jones – North Shore High School
William Hu – Jericho High School
Hammad Hassan – Ossining High School
Karen Li – The Wheatley School
Katherine Zhang – Jericho High School
Shourav Saha – Great Neck South High School
Sanjna Kedia & Emily Ma – Manhasset High School
Kyra McCreery – North Shore High School
Gillian Gold – Ardsley High School
Sari Strizik – Half Hollow Hills High School East
Katherine Winter – P. D. Schreiber High School
Christopher Jannotta & Damien Edele – Eastport South Manor Jr/Sr HS
Danielle Levanti – Northport High School
Eshwin Varghese – POB JFK High School
Kimberly Liao – Commack High School
Miles Kim & Benjamin Alexander – Half Hollow Hills HS West
Candace Arneaud & Izza Malik – Commack High School
Hannah Farley – Yorktown High School
Enyo Okeoma – Ward Melville High School
Justin Lu & Noelle Chung – Trinity School
Christopher Alexander – Elmont Memorial High School
Emma Guarini – Yorktown High School
Sara McSweeney – Harrison High School
Hannah Meikle – Elmont Memorial High School

NYSSEF ISEF 2017 Award Winners


SOFT042 – MFT: Improving Convolutional Object Tracking with Feed Separated Learning

Intel Foundation Cultural and Scientific Visit to China Award
The Intel Foundation believes that cultural experiences can help shape and strengthen scientific research. This year, for the first time, the Intel Foundation is partnering with the China Adolescents for Science and Technology Organization to award an 11-day trip to the Chinese cities of Beijing, Chengdu and Hong Kong. The winners will attend the China Adolescent Science and Technology Innovation Contest, the largest national science competition in China.

Air Force Research Laboratory – Michael Lee, Manhasset High School
The United States Air Force is dedicated to science & technology, focusing on innovative and creative projects with sustainability. U-S-A-F selects projects that are directly aligned with their mission.

First Award of $750 in SOFT Intel ISEF Category

Ashtavadhani Vidwan Ambati Subbaraya Chetty Foundation - Michael Lee, Manhasset High School

AVASC awards projects that display outstanding creativity, ingenuity and have the potential to alleviate the human condition or mark a substantive advancement in the scientific field.

First Award of $1,000

Association for Computing Machinery - Michael Lee, Manhasset High School

ACM is widely recognized as the premier membership organization for computing professionals, delivering resources that advance computing as a science and a profession; enable professional development; and promote policies and research that benefit society. ACM hosts the computing industry’s leading Digital Library and serves its global members and the computing profession with journals and magazines, conferences, workshops, electronic forums, and Learning Center.

Second Award of $750

Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence - Michael Lee, Manhasset High School

AAAI is a scientific society devoted to advancing the scientific understanding of the mechanisms underlying thought and intelligent behavior and their embodiment in machines. AAAI promotes research in, and responsible use of, artificial intelligence, as well as public understanding of artificial intelligence. AAAI also strives to improve the teaching and training of AI practitioners, and provide guidance on the importance and potential of current AI developments and future directions.

Third Award of $500

Rachel Chang, Manhasset High School
Ryan Thorpe, Manhasset High School

ENEV047T – The Development of a Mechanized Approach to Rapidly and Sensitively Detect and Purify Water Contaminated with Shigella, E. coli, Salmonella, and Cholera through the Use of Carbon-Based Biosensors in Conjunction with Arduino-Controlled Micropipettes

ASU Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives

ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives are the result of a $27.5 million investment in Arizona State University’s Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability by the Walton Family Foundation. Within the Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives, diverse teams of faculty, students, entrepreneurs, researchers, and innovators collaborate to deliver sustainability solutions, accelerate global impact, and inspire future leaders through eight distinct initiatives.

First Award of $2,500


Intel ISEF Best of Category Award Winner of $5,000
SOFT042 – MFT: Improving Convolutional Object Tracking with Feed Separated Learning

First Award of $3,000
SOFT042 – MFT: Improving Convolutional Object Tracking with Feed Separated Learning

Second Award of $1,500
MATS049 – Multifunctional NGF-Au-SPIO Nanoparticles: Magnetically Directing Neurite Extension and Orientation

ENEV047T – The Development of a Mechanized Approach to Rapidly and Sensitively Detect and Purify Water Contaminated with Shigella, E. coli, Salmonella, and Cholera through the Use of Carbon-Based Biosensors in Conjunction with Arduino-Controlled Micropipettes

TMED042 – The Structural, Mechanistic, and Clinical Applications of NT5C2 in Drug Resistance and Relapse of T-ALL

Fourth Award of $500
CELL048 – Lecithin-Retinol Acyl Transferase in Squamous Cell Carcinoma: The Relationship between Oncology and Wound Repair

NYSSEF ISEF 2016 Award Winners

Ariel Slepyan – George W. Hewlett High School – Microbiology – 2nd Place

Matthew Perkins – George W. Hewlett High School – Cellular and Molecular Biology – 3rd Place

Jordyn Schor – Plainview-Old Bethpage; JFK HS – Behavioral Sciences – 3rd Place

Cassandra Grello – Half Hollow Hills High School – Biomedical Sciences – 4th Place

Sarah Lee – Syosset High School – Chemistry – 4th Place

Broadcom and Andromeda Divisions 2016 Award Winners